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2011 theme and poster announcement!

A couple weeks ago we announced the registration date for this year's Hunt (September 6th at 11:05pm, if you've forgotten). But we didn't announce something else nearly as important: the theme! Have we whet your appetite enough now? You're undoubtedly looking forward to getting your team registered and you'd like to come up with the perfect theme-related team name. If you're really dedicated, you probably want to start working on outfits to wear. Yes, we remember the crazy costumes of 2008's One Groovy Hunt and no, you cannot combine tie-dye with this year's theme.

OK, Hunters are a special breed; maybe some of you can pull that off.

Crazy costumes aside and without further ado, we're happy to announce the theme for the 61st Annual Arizona Treasure Hunt will be:

Elementary, My Dear Donkey: The Hunt in 3D

Why 3D? The answer should be elementary, my dear hunter!

Of course, we have a poster to accompany the theme. This year's poster was created by Hunt Wizard Matt Varitek's sister Joan Varitek. She's an accomplished illustrator and cartoonist whose donation of time and talent to create our poster is greatly appreciated.

61st Annual Treasure Hunt poster image

If you want to display the poster on your site, blog, Facebook page or print it out to show your friends, family and coworkers, you can download a copy of the small version or the large version. Correction: updated versions of the poster with the correct website address can be found via the following links: small version or large version.

So break out your favorite pipe, put on your hunting cap with the ear flaps and don't forget your magnifying glass! Registration is in less than three weeks and the Hunt is only two and a half months away. Soon, the game will be afoot!