Arizona Treasure Hunt
Solving clues and avoiding jackasses since 1951


And now for something we hope you'll really like...

Summer is nearly here (along with the 3-digit temperatures that come with it) and that means the Treasure Hunt committee is already busy planning this year's Hunt. We are hard at work preparing a night to remember. Is that too cliché? Okay then, how about a night of fantastic, frantic, frenetic clue-solving, frenzied forays into the desert to find the aforementioned fantastic clues, a few of our famous fake jackasses (feel free to find your own words that start with "f" when you run into one), and finally finishing with a first-rate meal and awards presentation. So, without further delay, we’re happy to announce that the date for the 62nd Annual Arizona Treasure Hunt is Saturday, October 27th! Mark your calendars, finalize your team roster, reserve your van and begin your research--it's Hunt Time once again!

News about this year’s theme will be coming soon. We've already decided on a theme, we just enjoy making you wait. And soon after that important theme announcement you can expect information regarding registration and the always eagerly-anticipated Hintswise and Otherwise. So keep watching this site, subscribe to site updates via RSS (click the box at the top right of this page), like us on Facebook (you do like us, don't you?) or sign up for our mailing list (look on the panel to the right).

Last year the Hunt filled up really, really fast. As a matter of fact, we filled up in the first 12 hours, so make sure to sign up quickly once registration opens. You do NOT want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind event! Did I mention that the Hunt fills up REALLY fast? That's kind of an important point. We will announce the date for registration at least a month before it actually happens, so don't panic just yet. Save the panic for the evening of October 27th when you need to decide whether or not to open that emergency envelope...