Arizona Treasure Hunt
Solving clues and avoiding jackasses since 1951


Registration opens August 31st

Summer rains are upon us and the days are hot and humid, but that just means that Treasure Hunt teams are getting antsy for the Hunt! Registration for the 62nd Annual Arizona Treasure Hunt will open on August 31st at exactly 10:27 p.m. Yes, 10:27 p.m. is kind of late, but think about it this way: at that time on Hunt Night, you’ll still be out wandering around in the desert solving clues! Not sure why we picked 10:27 as the time to open registration? It is an odd time to begin registration after all. Well if you can't figure out why we chose 10:27 p.m. then maybe the Hunt isn’t for you, my friend.

This year the Hunt is limited to 83 teams and it usually fills up fast. Last year it took less than a day for the Hunt to reach capacity, so start planning now. If you think to yourself, “I’ll just throw a team together sometime in September,” you’ll probably find yourself sitting at home on October 27th.

The registration form will be here on our website and we’ll be following the same procedure as we have in past years: one team member will register their team, after which the team will have one week to mail a check for their entry fee to the committee. Also, the fees have increased slightly over last year: $270 per team, $4 for extra maps and $4 for extra cluebooks.

The exact details for registration will be posted here as the date gets closer. For now, mark August 31st on your calendar!