Arizona Treasure Hunt
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Reminder: Registration is almost here!

We’re less than a week away from one of the most anticipated days on a Hunter’s calendar: registration day for The Hunt! That is when it really begins to feel like Hunt season. It means there's only one more month before the HWOW is released and two months until Hunt Night itself. For many Hunters, Hunt Night is the single most important social event in the entire year. And just in case you’ve forgotten, registration for this year's Hunt will open at precisely 10:27 p.m. on Friday, August 31st. The registration form is exactly the same as last year, but with some minor changes to prices. To register, one person from your team needs to fill out the form which will be here on our website. The link to the Registration Form will be activated when it is time to register. Please make sure that ONLY ONE person registers your team--we don't want the same team to sign up more than once! That person will need to know the team name, team member names, the quantity of extra cluebooks and maps needed (above the three of each already included in the registration fee), and the number and sizes of any T-shirts being ordered.

When you go to register your team, you are essentially shopping online. You will add ONE Registration (you must select this), extra maps and/or cluebooks (if you want more than the 3 already included) and T-shirts (be sure to select the sizes and quantity) to your shopping cart. Each item you want to purchase needs to be added to your cart. If you want four extra-large shirts and two large shirts you will need to add both of those items to your cart one at a time. Once you have added everything you want to your cart, then proceed to Checkout. That is where you will enter your team name, enter the team captain info (name, email, mailing address), enter team member names (no addresses or emails are necessary), designate your team as a pro or rookie team (if applicable), and review all of the items in your cart. Once you have completely filled everything out and verified that all of the information is accurate, select the Purchase button. And voila! You have registered!

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with your total fee and a mailing address to which to send payment. DO NOT delete this email! Your team will be required to mail a check for the full registration fee to the Hunt Committee in order to complete the registration process and to guarantee your team's spot in The Hunt.

YOUR CHECK MUST BE IN OUR MAILBOX NO LATER THAN TEN (10) CALENDAR DAYS AFTER REGISTERING! Really, seriously, ten days. If we don’t have your check in hand ten days after you register, we reserve the right to remove your team from the Hunt. We will regularly update the Registered Teams page on the website so that you can see if we have received your payment. Teams that haven't paid by September 10 will be removed to make room for any teams on the waiting list.

Because we want you to be well-informed Hunters, here’s the price list to help you figure out what your total bill will be:

Team registration $270 (includes 6 meal tickets, 3 maps and 3 cluebooks)
Extra maps $4 each (given after completion of the Hunt)
Extra cluebooks $4 each (given after completion of the Hunt)
T-shirts $16 each for S to XL, $18 each for XXL

We will have a limited number of T-shirts for sale on Hunt night. Prices will be $18 for S to XL and $20 for XXL.

For the past several Hunts, team starting position has been determined by registration order and we will be continuing that practice this year. If you want to be one of the first teams out of the parking lot on Hunt night, be sure to register at 10:27 p.m. on Friday!

One other note: the Hunt Committee is currently doing a thorough review of the Hunt Rules and the Rookie Guide. Updated documents will be posted on the website shortly.