Arizona Treasure Hunt
Solving clues and avoiding jackasses since 1951


Registration is almost full!

Well, it only took 1 hour to reach 82 registered teams! It’s great to see the dedicated number of Hunters who turn out year after year and are once again excited about this year’s Hunt. And of course thanks also to the six ROOKIE teams that registered. We wish you luck! As in the past two years, we are allowing 83 teams into the Hunt this year. And that means that we have just ONE more spot to fill. So this is where we say "If you know of any person/team who might be interested in joining all of the craziness that is The Hunt, tell them to register NOW."

Make sure your team is listed! If your team is on the Registered Teams page and your Car Number is 83 or less, then we have received your registration. Make sure you mail in your check immediately! If we haven't received your payment by September 10, you will get bumped! As soon as we receive your payment, we will update the Registered Teams page showing that you have paid. As soon as you see that your team is marked as PAID, you are guaranteed a spot in The Hunt.

Once the Hunt fills up, we will start taking standby registrations from teams hoping to compete. If any registered teams fail to pay within the allotted 10 days or if any teams notify the committee that they are unfortunately unable to hunt this year, then we’ll give their spots to the top teams on the standby list. If we go by recent history, that means that somewhere around 2-4 spots will open up.

If you haven't yet registered but you’ve been thinking about joining the Treasure Hunt, register NOW before we are completely full! Being on the standby list isn’t bad, but wouldn’t you rather know that you have a guaranteed position? After all, there aren't going to be very many spots that open up.

You can find the registration form here, and you can see the list of all registered teams here.