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2015 Treasure Hunt Note from the Sage

Dear Hunters, For over two decades, The Arizona Treasure Hunt has had the privilege of meeting for the conclusion of the Hunt celebration at Pinnacle Peak Patio. With its closure earlier this year, the 2015 Hunt Committee was tasked with replacing this nostalgic landmark with a new venue. It was not an easy feat. Accommodating over 500 hungry Hunters and more than 80 vans at nearly midnight requires a special location.

Our search team believed that we had found the best possible solution in Monterra at WestWorld and their on-site catering company, M Catering. By utilizing a seasoned full-time event space specifically designed and dedicated to serving large parties of up to 1,000, we were confident that our clearly conveyed event parameters would be professionally met and a new home for the Hunt Dinner had been found.

Your 2015 Arizona Treasure Hunt Committee shares your deep disappointment that this was not the case - as those who stood in line as the food ran short can attest. Doug Janison, managing partner of M Catering, sent the following message for the Hunters following the event:

"We sincerely appreciate and value that you selected our venue for the 2015 Arizona Treasure Hunt. It is always our aim to provide the most exceptional experience for each person, at every event. We share your disappointment that the evening did not meet your expectations. We take that very seriously. We have heard your feedback loud and clear and our team is dedicated to resolving this issue for future events. We would be honored to work with your 2016 Committee to ensure your vision comes to fruition. The hunt is an exciting, fun event and our promise to you is to maintain the positive momentum during the finale celebration.”

As the Sage this year, I bear the ultimate responsibility for this year’s Hunt, and I apologize personally and on behalf of the Committee to everyone for the poor experience. I know that the 2016 Committee will learn from this experience and do their very best to make next year's Hunt Dinner a great conclusion to what should be one of the best nights of the year.

Which brings us again to the reason for the whole night—The Hunt. A beautiful October Saturday night turned out to be one of the more challenging Hunts of the 2000’s. Which makes the “winning” team’s 12 solve/1 Emergency performance all the more impressive. Congratulations Awesome Sauce—you now have three years to remember what hunting felt like!

We hope you enjoyed yourself despite the dinner miscue and come back for another mind stretching night running around in the desert about 12 months from now. Thanks again to each of the 17 other Committee Members for their service and dedication, but especially to our Chair, James Tompkins, for pressing the pause button on an already busy life and devoting more time than you can imagine to this event.

As for us departing third years--we can't wait to get back out there.


See you next fall,

Eric Gruber

2015 Sage

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