Arizona Treasure Hunt
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We’re 48 from 66! Here are a few final reminders:

Please remember that Check Out opens at 5pm, and not before. Please plan accordingly — and don’t forget your Liability Waiver forms (on our website).

  1. Please remind your team that we clearly mark each clue type at each clue site. You NEVER need to touch, handle, or otherwise manipulate a visual clue! Please ensure everyone leaves the clue exactly as they found it – so other Hunters have the same experience you have. Similarly, you NEVER need to take out screws, remove tape, or otherwise dismantle ANY working visual clue in order to solve it! Please respect your fellow Hunters in this way.
  2. The traffic flow at Check In has been changed — please see the diagram attached. This diagram will also be in your Brown Bag.
  3. This year we will not be handing out a Hunt statistics sheet after the Hunt results are announced. We realized that many of these were not used and, therefore, we were wasting paper. The Hunt statistics, and the results, will be posted to the Hunt website as soon as we complete the announcement of the winners. We will have two copies per team of the results sheet printed and ready for you as you exit.
  4. Please designate, in advance, one person to pick up printed results (if you want them) and one team member to make the initial hit on the website for the results and statistics. If all 468 of us try to get at the site as soon as the results are announced, it will probably overload!

Thank you for joining us on Hunt 66! We are looking forward to a great evening!

Your Hunt 66 Committee


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