Arizona Treasure Hunt
Solving clues and avoiding jackasses since 1951


Just over a week until the 67th annual Arizona Treasure Hunt!

Dear Team Captains:

Here is some important information for you to share with your team!  The Hunt will begin on November 4 in the traditional location, near the southwest corner of Pima and Pinnacle Peak Roads. The fun starts at 5:00PM sharp (not a minute earlier) when the Committee opens up registration, the Hunt night displays, line sales, and T-shirt sales. Your team can spend the next hour pondering the displays, catching up with old friends, and contemplating whether the item you bought at line sales is worth it. We’ll close the registration and display area at 6:00PM, and the first van will depart at 6:15PM precisely.
Remind your team members that every clue is clearly marked with its clue type. You never need to touch, handle, or otherwise manipulate a Visual clue!  Please ensure everyone leaves the clue exactly as they found it, so other Hunters have the same experience you have. (It follows that you'll never need to take out screws, remove tape, or otherwise dismantle a Working Visual clue in order to solve it.)  Thank you for respecting your fellow Hunters!
Five hours after we start, the night will end again at Monterra at Westworld: 16601 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (33.633232 N 111.884714 W)
We have worked hard to ensure a well-organized check-in experience, including fast access to dinner (a vegetarian, vegan, & gluten-free alternative is available for those who requested it on their registration form).  The Committee may also have some clues (which you may not have reached) on display for you to puzzle over.
One final reminder: To ease congestion at clue sites, the Committee may, or may not, provide more than a single version of a Visual clue and more than two copies of a Working Visual clue.  In past years, the number of copies of a clue at a site identified whether a clue was a Visual or Working Visual.  We are now explicitly labeling the type of clue on the outside of the clue binder at the clue site to prevent any confusion. For example, a binder may now say “Clue A – Working Visual.”

Last Minute Team Updates: Did your team replace or change out one Hunter for another, or did you fill a "TBD" spot with a flesh-and-blood Hunter?  Please Email the Committee with your team updates.  This will help the check-out process go more smoothly on Hunt Night!

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