Arizona Treasure Hunt
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Less than one week...

There’s less than one week until the 68th Annual Treasure Hunt! The Wizards are consuming plenty of caffeine to get us across the finish line, and we’re sure you’re excited that the Hunt is drawing near. With the Treasure Hunt right around the corner, we wanted to remind you about a few things and let you know about a couple changes as well.

Checkout: Things you need to know

As in past years, the Wizards will be at the checkout location (southwest corner of Pinnacle Peak and Pima) at 5:00 pm to begin accepting liability waiver forms and giving out starting cards. Please arrive as close to 5:00 pm as possible! All waiver forms must be turned in no later than 5:45 pm in order to be prepared for starting the first team at precisely 6:15 pm.

Less crowding, more socializing!

One of the feedback items we’ve received is that Hunters don’t like the crowding around the checkout displays. We also know that Hunters like socializing with other teams whom they don’t get to see very often. In order to reduce crowding and increase socializing, we’ve decided to not have checkout displays as we have in the past. This means that we will not have any posters, table displays, or other items which will in any way be related to clues in the Hunt.

We haven’t changed everything about Checkout, however. As in past years, we will have a few items available for a small fee. These items have been known to occasionally be useful when solving clues in previous Hunts and they may or may not be useful this year. That’s for you to determine in the course of the evening!

Pre-Hunt warm up

While there won't be displays to view, we will have Hunt-related things to do at Checkout. To that end, we will have several sample clues set up at Checkout. These clues will be available to help you warm up for the main event and get in the clue-solving mindset. They WILL NOT relate to clues in the actual Hunt in any way. Think of them as the batting practice of Treasure Hunting.

Final items

We know that all of you fine Hunters enjoy Hunting, but the evening must come to a close at some point. At the end of the evening, the Wizards and our very helpful volunteers need to get to Check-in and enjoy a post-Hunt dinner. In order to facilitate that, clues may be removed after 11:30 pm, so that the individuals who were attending the clues can head to Monterra. We do guarantee that clues will be in place up through 11:30, but if you’re hoping to grab one last sticker on your way in to Check-in, please pay attention to the time.

Finally, we encourage all teams to do a couple things prior to arriving at Checkout:

  1. Read the Treasure Hunt rules and Tips, Tricks, and Otherwise. These contain valuable information for rookie and veteran Hunters alike!

  2. Know your car number. This makes it much easier for Wizards at Checkout to locate your team on our lists. If you are unsure of your car number, take a look at the Registered Teams List.

We hope you’ve all enjoyed reviewing this year’s HWOW and that your Hunt preparation has been both extensive and enjoyable. We looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday!

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