Arizona Treasure Hunt
Solving clues and avoiding jackasses since 1951


Welcome back, Gunters!

The first weekend of registration was a very smooth affair this year with a total of 77 teams signing up. We have many veteran teams returning, three pro teams, and five rookie teams who decided to join this crazy adventure! There are lots of great team names, and we'd also like to commend team Ninten-DOH!. We see what you did with your team member names. Well played, Gunters.

77 teams seems like a lot, but we have room for more. Do you know people who haven't hunted but would really enjoy the Treasure Hunt? Encourage them to join! Would you like to advertise the Hunt at your office? Print a copy of our poster and put it up somewhere!

Finally, thank you, wise Hunters for joining the Hunt. The Committee is continuing our work and we're always glad to see how excited you are for the Hunt. There's just more than one month until the eagerly anticipated Hintswise and Otherwise is released, so keep preparing and get ready to research the HWOW!

Hunt Committee