Arizona Treasure Hunt
Solving clues and avoiding jackasses since 1951



33.633850,-111.877396 is the only lot you can park in before 6pm on Saturday at Monterra. Parking in any other lot prior to 6pm will lead to your car being towed.

Check ADOT. Apparently there are a lot of road closures (especially on the 101) on the day of the Hunt. Do not be late.

Please have at least one person check the Facebook Hunt page throughout the night. It may be the only way to communicate unexpected issues.

Visual Clues vs Working Clues: signs will differentiate Visual Clues (do not touch) from the Working Clues (touch but don't dismantle except to remove your solution).

Unless TBD stands for "The Bitchin' Donkeys", we still need a name for one team.

And most importantly: Stay safe and have fun.

Ps. You don't want to find these guys from the picture.

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