Arizona Treasure Hunt
Solving clues and avoiding jackasses since 1951


The Hunt Approaches!

The Hunt is just a little over two weeks away! We assume that teams are frantically researching the HWOW and getting excited for the 62nd Annual Arizona Treasure Hunt on October 27th. And once again we want to remind teams that they need to give the Treasure Hunt Committee a completed liability waiver form when they arrive at the Check Out area on Hunt Night.

Of course there are some things that the Hunt Committee, even in their near-infinite wisdom, cannot control. Among these are road conditions on the night of The Hunt. So we are adding a link that you can use to get up-to-the-minute road conditions for the area. Just zoom in on the Hunt area and you can see if you need to adjust your strategy! The link will be available on the "Next Hunt" panel on the right side of the screen. We want to reiterate that we want everyone to stay safe on Hunt Night!