Arizona Treasure Hunt
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Hunt Update

Greetings Hunters! It's getting close to that time of year again, the 63rd Annual Treasure Hunt is around the corner - in only 56 days!

We'd like to tell you about a few changes to this year's Hunt.

  • Clue envelopes have been eliminated, and are being replaced with a nice, easy workable solution. Our wizards are putting together a video to demonstrate how this is going to work. This change will allow the Committee to avoid stuffing over 2300 envelopes with 6900 clue sheets.
  • With no clue envelopes, that means there's nothing to hold the clue stickers. We have a solution to that as well, and this will also be covered in the demonstration video.
  • Unlimited registration. We are not going to cap registration this year at X number of teams. That said, if we get much more than 90 teams registered, we may have to cap it at 91. Last year a pro team and some hunt veterans almost didn't make the cut. Last year's winning team almost didn't make it into the Hunt. While we understand concerns of over crowding, we do not want to exclude anyone.
  • The post-Hunt banquet will be outside at Pinnacle Peak Patio instead of inside. With more than 80 teams, they just can't fit us all in one room.
  • No more mailing in a check. Registration can only be completed if you have a PayPal account. Please make sure a member of your team has a PayPal account. (PayPal Sign Up)
  • There are no changes to the check-in location, the check-out location, number of clues/sites, start time, end time or ... wait for it ... pricing. Yep, Hunt Registration, t-shirts, and extra clue books/maps are all retaining last year's pricing.

A few things you can expect to see in the next month are:

  • The Hunt theme poster (hopefully this week)
  • Hunt Registration (shooting for Friday, Aug. 30th)
  • The HWOW (shooting for September 19th)

Hunt registration will be open for all of Labor Day weekend and close Monday night on September 2nd. This should allow plenty of time for every team to get signed up. If you have plans to be out of town that weekend, please take 10 minutes to get on the Internet wherever you are and get your team registered.

That's it for now hunters.